Flying Scholarship for High School Girls (at Santa Monica Airport, California, U.S.A.)

A flight training award for high school students age 15+. A Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM) related effort.


About this Scholarship

The principal driving force behind this scholarship effort is the belief that providing unique educational opportunities to our next generation will lead to a better future for society. By providing a formative opportunity at a young age, we hope to help our future generation realize their dreams and aspirations. Hopefully one or more of our young scholarship recipients will be able to contribute to the society when it is their turn and the future is in their hands! This scholarship is one such small and humble effort towards that goal.

This is a Scholarship for a "Sport Pilot" license.  Applicants must be age 15 or older, and currently enrolled in High School. Flight training and ground instruction is for a maximum of 30 hours and remains valid for 30 months after the award date. This program is subject to availability of aircraft, flight instructors, and the Santa Monica Airport. Your parent or guardian's permission is required.

The Application Process:

1. First, submit your essay (about 800-1000 words), stating why you want to be a pilot. (see below).

2. Your essay will be evaluated and rated.  If selected for the next step, then...

3. You will be asked to submit the last two years of you school transcripts.

4. The essay and the transcripts will be used to select the finalists.

5. If selected as a finalist, you and your parents will be invited for an interview.

6. Finally, the winner of the scholarship will be announced.

7.  All finalists and the winner will be invited to the airport with their families.   The winner will receive the award.   All finalists will get a free complimentary ride in the plane.  After landing, the finalists will receive a signed pilot's logbook from your instructor (see pictures under the "Award Photos" tab)


Please complete and submit the form below to apply. Your essay is important. The selection committee is interested to learn about you, who you are, your character, your motivations, your interests, hobbies, school & after-school activities, and WHY you want to become a pilot.  There are no right or wrong responses.  Just be yourself, and write as you wish.  If your application is accepted for consideration, you will be asked to submit your school transcripts for the last two years. The next step will be an interview for the finalists.

The current deadline for submitting applications is December 31st, 2016.  You can submit your form and essay, see below, for the next round.   The conferring of the next award is planned for Spring of 2017.

This scholarship is available to students from Santa Monica-Malibu high schools, Westchester Enriched Sciences Magnet, Venice High School, and Archer School for Girls.